UniSuccess Reaches 1,500 Colleges Nationwide
Meet Student-Advisors Attending Your Dream University

Philadelphia, PA, June 6, 2019 -- As students all over the world prepare to apply to college for the next school year, UniSuccess’ team of Student-Advisors continues to expand to reach 1500 colleges, making UniSuccess one of the most ubiquitous video platforms for college applications and admissions.


UniSuccess expands its Student-Advisor team to 1,500 colleges. The Student-Advisors are passionate about helping high school students get into their dream universities. Many students across the globe turn to UniSuccess to get practically all of their college-related questions answered, with topics such as application strategies, admissions requirements, housing, meal plans, work-life-balance, social activities and living expenses.


Continuing from its expansion momentum, UniSuccess grows to reach an advisor team of students who are studying in 1,500 colleges. Its mission is to help high school students plan, strategize, and eventually, study in the most fitting college of their dreams. UniSuccess equips young students with invaluable information and prepares them to build instrumental roadmaps. Its high-quality video platform enables these young students to connect directly with expert college students who have recently gone through the same paths. This team of expert college students helps every young student with every step, starting from college selection and college application to college acceptance and college life.  


“With the recent college admissions bribery scandal getting out of the way, I see UniSuccess as the most revolutionary college admissions platform today. UniSuccess takes everything a step further by directly connecting the high school student with actual college students, thus giving him an advantage over all other applicants,” says Alexander H, an incoming freshman who was offered admissions to eight colleges, including the University of California and two Ivy League colleges.


“Now that we have reached the 1500 mark, we expect to continue to grow organically and internationally,” says Zachary Leung, CEO of UniSuccess. “Our goal is to make the process of college admissions as transparent as possible so that every student gets into the best college that he or she deserves.”  



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About UniSuccess.com

UniSuccess is an online platform that helps high school students get into their dream universities. Its high-quality video network enables them to meet with advisors who are themselves students in colleges. Student-Advisors from 1,000+ prominent US colleges are helping high school students on important topics, such as college selection, application essays, SAT/ACT preparation, academic programs, college life, meal plans, housing, etc.