UniSuccess: Student-Advisors from 1,000+ Dream Colleges Help High School Students Worldwide
Online Meet Students Attending Your Dream University

SAN JOSE, California -- Just in time for college decisions, UniSuccess Student-Advisors are now helping high school students to choose their dream colleges. With UniSuccess Student-Advisors from over 1,000 prominent colleges in the US, the high school student, and parents, can now make a judicious decision about what college may be the best fit.

Meet online Student-Advisors who are attending your dream university, for topics ranging from college application and academic programs to college life and meal plans.

Not knowing what colleges would accept them, many high school students painstakingly submitted applications to more than a few colleges. As colleges begin to make acceptance decisions, these students are faced with another daunting, albeit happy, problem. Among the colleges that have accepted them, which college is the best fit?

This is where UniSuccess comes into play. It provides an online high-quality video platform where high school students meet with Student-Advisors – advisors who are themselves students attending college. On UniSuccess, there are Student-Advisors from 1,000+ dream colleges. The high school student chooses Student-Advisors based on their colleges and profiles, and asks them for guidance and directions, ranging from academic programs and college life to meal plans and housing.

To meet the multi-faceted needs of high school students worldwide, UniSuccess offers Student-Advisors from a wide range of backgrounds and colleges. They are from the Ivy League: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Penn, Cornell, Brown, and Dartmouth. They are from technology-renowned institutions, such as MIT, Stanford, Caltech, CMU, and Georgia Tech. They are from liberal arts colleges. They are from public universities, such as University of California, University of Michigan, and University of Texas.

“Our goal is to help every high school student make the right university decision. UniSuccess connects every high school worldwide to their dream university’s Student-Advisors who have successfully done it,” says Zachary Leung, CEO of UniSuccess. “These Student-Advisors have recently gone through the same overwhelming process that many high school students are going through today.”

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About UniSuccess.com

UniSuccess is an online platform that helps high school students get into their dream universities. Its high-quality video network enables them to meet with advisors who are themselves students in colleges. Student-Advisors from 1,000+ prominent US colleges are helping high school students on important topics, such as college selection, application essays, SAT/ACT preparation, academic programs, college life, meal plans, housing, etc.