UniSuccess and Student-Advisors Reach Canada and Australia
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Toronto, Canada, June 11, 2019 - Following its successes in the United States and the United Kingdom, UniSuccess announces its expansion to Australia and Canada, with the mission of helping students get into their dream universities. With this revolutionary and unprecedented platform, high school students around the world are able to get inside stories about how to apply to colleges and universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.  


UniSuccess expands to Canada and Australia to help students get into their dream universities. Many high school students around the world are joining UniSuccess with excitement, as the UniSuccess Student-Advisors are passionate about sharing invaluable inside stories for all colleges and universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.


This entrance to Australia and Canada is natural, as UniSuccess just expanded to the UK earlier this year, having now fully operational teams of Student-Advisors in all these countries. In every one of these countries, Student-Advisors are students attending universities who are passionate about helping younger students.  They share inside stories, advice, tips, and tricks regarding their universities through UniSuccess’ high-quality video platform. High school students choose their favorite Student-Advisors, basing on their profiles such as universities, majors, courses, and hobbies. As a result, high school students receive advice that is personal and specific. They gain insights about how to create convincing and compelling college applications, thus increasing their chances of being accepted by universities.


While Student-Advisors are attending universities in these four countries, they work with high school students not only from these four countries, but also from counties all over the world.  Thus, they give advice to both domestic and international students who may have different needs and challenges. Some of these Student-Advisors are international students themselves.


“US, UK, Australia, and Canada are four of the countries worldwide with the most international students,” says Zachary Leung, CEO of UniSuccess.  “I am pleased that both domestic and international students find UniSuccess helpful for their journeys to colleges and universities.”


UniSuccess does not only help students seeking advice on college applications and admissions. It also helps students who have already been admitted by universities, in areas such as financial aid, accommodation, catering, community, social events, sports teams, and college work-life balance.



Contact: pr@unisuccess.com


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UniSuccess is an online platform that helps high school students get into their dream universities. Its high-quality video network enables them to meet with advisors who are themselves students in colleges. Student-Advisors from 1,000+ prominent US colleges are helping high school students on important topics, such as college selection, application essays, SAT/ACT preparation, academic programs, college life, meal plans, housing, etc.