UniSuccess Helps Students Choose from College Acceptance Offers
College Selection by Listening to the Inside Story

Boston, MA, March 14, 2019 – As millions of students in the United States and overseas receive college acceptance letters around this time of the year, UniSuccess offers down-to-the-earth insider advice to help students and parents navigate through one of their most complex and important decisions.

UniSuccess Advisors who are college students themselves give down-to-the-earth advice. The “inside story” that they provide help many high school students choose the colleges that fit them best.

For months after submitting their applications, millions of students worldwide have anxiously been waiting for the moment of truth. They probably applied to more than one university or college. When they receive acceptance letters from more than one school, they suddenly find themselves caught in a joyful and stressful situation. How would they choose from these college acceptance offers? Which college should they accept or reject?

There are many quantifiable factors to consider, ranging from ranks and curricula to tuitions and expenses. There are also many considerations that are not readily quantifiable, such as college experience, school culture, financial aid possibility, and simply how the college feels. It is a time that most students desperately look around for advice.

On UniSuccess, there is a wide spectrum of advisors who are college students themselves. From over 1,000 colleges, these advisors are all keen to help incoming students. There are seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. There are all different kinds of majors, hobbies, and interests. They recently went through the entire process themselves, and thus they fully understand and appreciate the challenge and frustration. Most importantly, they understand how things work in their own colleges. They know the “inside story”. They have perspectives that can be very different from counselors and parents.

“Traditionally, students turn to families and friends for help. They ask parents, brothers, sisters, and friends,” says Zachary Leung, CEO of UniSuccess. “What they need the most is to hear the inside story from students going to that college.”

Many students worldwide are turning to UniSuccess to get help when they make college decisions. There is nothing like getting the insider advice, directly from students who are currently attending colleges themselves.

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UniSuccess is an online platform that helps high school students get into their dream universities. Its high-quality video network enables them to meet with advisors who are themselves students in colleges. Student-Advisors from 1,000+ prominent US colleges are helping high school students on important topics, such as college selection, application essays, SAT/ACT preparation, academic programs, college life, meal plans, housing, etc.