UniSuccess and Student-Advisors Are Now in the United Kingdom
Meet Students Attending Your Dream UK University

London, United Kingdom, June 4, 2019 – Leveraging on its success in the United States matching up high school students with university Student-Advisors, UniSuccess announces its expansion to the United Kingdom with the mission of helping students worldwide to get into their dream universities.

UniSuccess expands to the United Kingdom, with the mission of helping high school students get into their dream universities. Both university and high school students worldwide are joining UniSuccess with excitement, making it a unique video network for social education.

As the end of the academic year approaches, incoming university students are faced with the exciting and overwhelming thought of attending university in a few months. During this time of the year, students feel intimidated wondering what life will be like as they are about to dive into this new venture. As a result of growing demand, UniSuccess recruits Student-Advisors from all universities in the UK to help high school students achieve their university goals. UniSuccess provides a high-quality online video platform where high school students meet with Student-Advisors who are currently attending university.

Student-Advisors are university students who have recently gone through the same experiences. By meeting Student-Advisors of their choices, high school students receive answers for tips, tricks, guidance, and what to expect from the university they will be attending. UniSuccess does not only help students apply for university admissions, but it also advises students who have already been admitted, allowing them to understand life-changing topics in the university. For instance, financial aid, accommodation and catering, social activities, the community, work-life balance, and more answers that may not be found elsewhere.

As global demand continues to rise, UniSuccess grows internationally, with advisors helping high schools students from all over the world.


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About UniSuccess.com

UniSuccess is an online platform that helps high school students get into their dream universities. Its high-quality video network enables them to meet with advisors who are themselves students in colleges. Student-Advisors from 1,000+ prominent US colleges are helping high school students on important topics, such as college selection, application essays, SAT/ACT preparation, academic programs, college life, meal plans, housing, etc.