About UniSuccess

UniSuccess.com is a university admissions platform that aims to help high school students make their next steps into college. Are you going to college soon?

UniSuccess connects you with Advisors who are students attending colleges right now. UniSuccess also links you up with Admissions Counselors who are official representatives from the admissions offices of colleges. These Advisors and Counselors help you navigate through the complicated process and get into the college that best fits you.

Through the online video/voice network at UniSuccess, you get to meet Advisors and Counselors face-to-face. You choose the college. You choose the Counselor. You choose the Advisor.

Yes, it is that simple! You get official answers from Counselors. You get unofficial but perhaps down-to-the-earth insights from Advisors. Between Counselors and Advisors, you get all the help you can get to go to your college, ranging from application process and financial aid to housing and college life.